How we produce

How Sechi Olive Oil
is made

We have set up an oil mill
which combines the best
of traditional methods with
the best of technology. By using granite milling stone
for pressing, and then the Sinolea® - a system which smoothly extracts the oil from the pulp with as little
handling as possible.

The oil that we obtain from this process is of an exceptional quality, as it keeps even the most delicate biochemical components of the fruit intact.

It is only at this point that we use
a modern centrifugal separator, to extract the residual oil that is still left in the paste.
In this phase, thanks to our new extraction system allowing for minimal water addition, we are able to pass on to our olive oil the most precious features of the olive fruit itself.

to perfection

We have left no stone unturned
to make sure that the oil arrives
on your table exactly as it was
at the moment of pressing.

Each step in the milling, storing and bottling process takes place automatically under controlled temperature.

As it flows out of the presses,
the Secchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings something special along with it - it keeps intact those qualities which only the best cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils made with the traditional system will have at the moment of milling.

Granite millstones