Oleificio Secchi

The pleasure of premium choice

Oleificio Secchi offers to you the full pleasure and taste of a natural choice.

Our traditional experience in production has envolved now in a more complete
range of items, that are meeting the appreciation of customers and market,
thanks to our continuous pursuit of quality throughout the production process,
and gaining the critical acclaim that has rewarded our company
with prestigious awards.

Today, a new generation of taste is grown up. People who appreciates the authentic flavors and knows that the quality of food is connected with health and wellness.
They are not satisfied with just the flavor and wants to know the reality of things, evaluate them, and know that what they choose is well done, in harmony with nature.

For these people, Oleificio Secchi, is the first choice.

Oleificio Secchi


Traditional methods
and modern technology.
Pressing with granite millstones
to delicately extract the oil
from the paste.
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  • Oleificio Secchi

    Our oil

    Numerous different products
    all characterised by an unwavering focus on quality.
    A truly special extra-virgin olive oil in a plethora of different versions to satisfy any palate.
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  • Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Su Mastru - Oleificio Secchi

    "Su Mastru"

    Su Mastru is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a "fruity" flavour, obtained using traditional methods, such as granite stone presses and cold extraction processes ...
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  • Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Silis - Oleificio Secchi

    "Silis" DOP Sardinia

    Its name comes from where
    the river Silis flows between
    the hills of Sennori, decorated
    with century old olive groves.
    It is light and intense ...
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