The pleasure of premium choice

Oleificio Secchi offers to you the full pleasure and taste of a natural choice.

Our traditional experience in production has envolved now in a more complete range of items, that are meeting the appreciation of customers and market, thanks to our continuous pursuit of quality throughout the production process, and gaining the critical acclaim that has rewarded our company with prestigious awards.

Today, a new generation of taste is grown up. People who appreciates the authentic flavors and knows that the quality of food is connected with health and wellness.
They are not satisfied with just the flavor and wants to know the reality of things, evaluate them, and know that what they choose is well done, in harmony with nature.

For these people, Oleificio Secchi, is the first choice.

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Oleificio Secchi

At our oil mill, every member of the team is involved in the Quality Policy, and every company process is constantly monitored.
Oleificio Secchi is an ISO 9001:2008, IFS certified company and complies with the requirements for organic production.

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