Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Obtained from olives harvested in selected biological crops certified according to the provisions of regulation EEC 834/2007. This is a very high-quality oil obtained from traditional and its taste is slightly fruity, with a low acidity.


Bottle Lt 0,25/0,50/0,75/1 - Can Lt 0,75/5

Technical Information Sheet

Mean olive grove altitude

150/ 300 m above sea level

Free acidity (% oleic acid)

less than 0.4

Peroxide value

less than 10

Oil colour

straw yellow to green

Oil scent

fresh olives

Oil flavour

medium fruity


fresh, moderately spicy and bitter, with an aftertaste reminiscent of artichokes

Olive harvesting period


Harvest locations

100% Italy

Olive ripeness

green or at most 50% darkened

Harvesting method


Milling method

modern method

Oleificio Secchi

At our oil mill, every member of the team is involved in the Quality Policy, and every company process is constantly monitored.
Oleificio Secchi is an ISO 9001:2008, IFS certified company and complies with the requirements for organic production.

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