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Ancient Flavours

Mediterranean diet is about wholesome ingredients and their unspoiled flavour and scent. True to this vision, the Secchi Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect stand-alone condiment for your salads, and an extraordinary source of flavour for most of your homemade fares.

Loyal to old family traditions dating back to the 1930s, Oleificio Secchi still makes its extra virgin olive oil in northern Sardinia, at the very core of the island's foremost olive district.

We take pride in selecting the best olives to get the healthiest and lightest possible extra virgin, with very low acidity and an unmistakable fruity undertone.
Oleificio Secchi takes old traditions to higher levels of excellence - our uncompromising quest for quality has won us the most demanding European, north American and Asiatic markets, where we export our extra virgin olive oil, our pure olive oil, and our mouth-watering hand-picked green olives.


A New Generation
of Taste

Our new generation is the standard-bearer of a change that does not do away with tradition, rather, it stems from it.
This is what is happening right here, and it is a beautiful sight.
Here in the north of Sardinia, on a corner of the island overlooking that stretch of the Mediterranean sea where the Mistral wind comes from; this is a land of olive groves and milling stones, where oil has always been a source of pride and brides still go to the altar wearing lushious golden filigree-embroidered braces.

New Taste
Old Traditions

Today, a new taste-generation has sprung from ancient roots, with the knowledge that health and well-being also depend on how we live and what we eat.
Today, we look beyond mere flavour and try to understand things and evaluate them, and find out whether what we choose is made with passion and respect for the laws of nature.

We draw upon the traditions and virtues of rural craftsmanship, which allow us to accept change if and only if we have weighed up every aspect of the old and the new and are thoroughly convinced that the new road will be better than the old one. Because country tradition to us means making things the old way, that is, always to the best of our ability and all the time striving to improve. This is how we do things at Oleificio Secchi, in this land of olive groves, milling stones, and olive oil.


Pleasure and Reason

There is a new way of looking at extra virgin olive oil: not just any condiment, an ingredient like any other, but rather, a wealth of taste and good eating habits which cuts across and unites very different worlds and cultures - the mainstay of Mediterranean cooking.

Today, people across the world are learning what we have always known: Olive oil, just like wine, is always different, it has its own character and attitude, and a wide palette of tones and undertones for us to enjoy.

Olive oil can seduce us with its colour, or the stimulating aftertastes it treats us to. Just like wine, extra virgin olive oil owes its characteristics to the soil, the climate, the milling methods and the storage conditions.
Olive oil is a fragile substance requiring much attention, but when it turns out perfect it makes all our efforts worthwhile. Those who have learned to appreciate it have many a good reason for choosing it over other oils - whether it is because doctors say it is good for their health, or simply because, once they discover its taste, there is no going back.



At our oil mill, every member of the team is involved in the Quality Policy, and every company process is constantly monitored.
Oleificio Secchi is an ISO 9001:2008IFS certified company
and complies with the requirements for organic production.

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Oleificio Secchi

At our oil mill, every member of the team is involved in the Quality Policy, and every company process is constantly monitored.
Oleificio Secchi is an ISO 9001:2008, IFS certified company and complies with the requirements for organic production.

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